The story i survived.

This is a blog post will i will allow you guys to read my story of how i survived my a dramatic incident. I hope you enjoy it and please give feedback by commenting !! ๐Ÿ™‚

I Survived Story.

I am Juliette Galdamez 11 years old living in Lawndale and a average girl. This is the time i survived that some people will say Life or Death. This is a essay talking about a dramatic incident that happened to me. This might be inspirational story that can make a difference. This for me is a story that is big for me and i want to share it with you for you can hear it. And i hope you can be inspired by this mini story and i hope you like it too so let’s get on into it !

It all started when i was about 6-7 year old and i was a girl who has asthma and i was really sick those past weeks. I was in my room and my dad was working and my mom was in the kitchen doing whatever what moms do. All of a sudden i was dying of coughing. She went dashing into my room and immediately saw my face knowing and thinking โ€œ will she make it โ€ ? She started praying with that power of love and faith.

In that 1 hour everything changed. A miracle happened. While she was praying she felt that coldness in my body. I was mostly like dead. I had no warmth and cold body eyes close and not breathing. When she was done she was in shock it the surprise that i sat up looking around and saying โ€œ i’m a okay mommy โ€ And then she saying โ€œ yes princess you are okay โ€. She felt that warmth and that heart beating and those eyes wide open.

I survived. After that me and mom always had that faith that if we have that faith in god everything will be okay. He gave me life again. My dad came home and asking what has happened. She told him everything. He ended up with his mouth wide open. Me my mom and my dad have that faith and love. After that i always knew that in God everything is possible.
In conclusion, I you like it. This was such a inspirational story that made me become stronger in the end. I hope you can make a difference as well by sharing your story. I hope this made your day better by knowing that anything is possible. This was a story based on what actually happened and how i tried to phrase it. I hope you enjoyed have a great day !! โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

Website for help on asthma :

FUN FACT : there is actually no cure for asthma and in my experience i actually had it but then a miracle stumbled across and if you have asthma there is a way to live a healthy normal life by going on the website i have provided and help you be happy ๐Ÿ™‚